First Vulcan rocket rolls again to hangar for ‘changes’ previous to test-firing – Spaceflight Now

United Launch Alliance’s Vulcan rocket rolls out to Area Launch Complicated 41 at Cape Canaveral on Might 11. Credit score: United Launch Alliance United Launch Alliance’s first Vulcan rocket was full of methane and liquid oxygen propellants at Cape Canaveral final week for a tanking check, however managers determined to maneuver the rocket again inside … Read more

NASA Shuts Down the Lunar Flashlight Mission After it Fails to Go into Orbit

NASA missions could be categorized into two sorts. One kind contains headline-grabbing missions, such because the JWST or New Horizons, that take many years to design and plan. Sometimes these bigger missions embrace many flight-tested elements that had already been used on different missions prior to now. They’re meant to conduct science experiments. However these … Read more

Webb finds water, and a brand new thriller, in uncommon main-belt comet

Science & Exploration 15/05/2023 4872 views 53 likes The NASA/ESA/CSA James Webb House Telescope has enabled one other long-sought scientific breakthrough, this time for Photo voltaic System scientists finding out the origins of the water that has made life on Earth potential. Utilizing Webb’s NIRSpec (Close to-Infrared Spectrograph) instrumentastronomers have confirmed gasoline – particularly water … Read more

Make eyes at Messier 64, the Black Eye Galaxy – Astronomy Now

The Black Eye Galaxy (Messier 64) is a formidable wanting spiral galaxy. Picture: Adam Block. There are such a lot of vibrant galaxies to select from in springtime, however one you undoubtedly shouldn’t miss is the marvellous ‘Black Eye Galaxy’, or Messier 64. It’s an actual crowd-pleaser mendacity among the many stars of Coma Berenices … Read more