Modern Family: 8 Things That Make No Sense About Gloria & Jay’s Relationship

Summary The chemistry between Jay and Gloria in Modern Family was not as strong as other couples, possibly due to the Jay and Gloria age gap. Jay and Gloria’s relationship should have been more complicated due to their different approaches to parenting Manny. Jay never followed through with learning Spanish, despite Gloria’s pride in her … Read more

10 Horror Movies So Disturbing You’ll Only Watch Once

Summary Some horror movies are so disturbing that viewers only want to watch them once, like “The Human Centipede” and “A Serbian Film.” “Audition” starts as a melodrama but quickly turns into a horrifying tale that leaves viewers too shaken to rewatch it. “Hereditary” is an excruciating watch due to its unbearable sense of dread … Read more

10 Great Actors You Only Know For Their Western Movies

Though their respective careers aren’t exclusive to the genre, there are great actors who are known only for their Western movies. Typically, this is because they’ve starred in more Westerns than any other type of films. Apart from movies, some have also starred in Western television series, or even featured in Western-themed comic books, radio … Read more